Nutrition For Mental Health

Mental health and nutrition are closely linked.

Did you know that your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body? It accounts for up to 20% of your body's total energy use.

There are certain nutrients your brain needs to function properly - so the type of food you eat has a critical influence on how you think, feel and experience life.

Nutritional imbalances, physiological stress and certain lifestyle choices can affect brain health and brain function which can lead to mental health issues including depression, anxiety and mood swings.

How can nutritional therapy help?

Nutritional therapy uses an integrated approach. It looks at any underlying factors such as nutrient deficiencies, psychological, emotional and lifestyle stressors that might be contributing to your symptoms.  

A simple, easy to follow nutrition programme will be created tailored to your specific needs. It will focus on addressing any underlying issues and supporting all areas that might need rebalancing.

In some cases using nutrient based supplements may be effective in supporting brain function and the treatment of mental disorders.

Nutritional Therapists should always work alongside your doctor and any other treatments recommended by your doctor.

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