Nutrition for Digestive Health

Do you suffer from bloating, abdominal pain or discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn or reflux?

It is said that around 40% of the UK population have at least one digestive symptom at any one time. IBS is one of the most common disorders - thought to affect 25% of people in the UK.

Nutrition for digestive health is one of the most important factors that influences your overall health and well-being. Poor digestive function can affect absorption of nutrients as well as have consequences on all body systems. This can lead to impaired immune function, decreased energy levels, low moods, sleep problems and impaired brain function.  

How can nutritional therapy help?

Optimising digestive health is vital to begin any nutritional programme.

 Important steps for healing digestive disorders are investigating and addressing possible causes and contributing factors, supporting digestive function and focusing on foods to help calm and repair the digestive tract. While certain foods and intolerances can contribute to poor digestive health, certain foods and supplements can help to heal and repair it.

Emotional and stress factors will also be visited.

 In some cases, laboratory testing such as a comprehensive stool analysis will be recommended which can help to provide key information about contributory factors.

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