holistic nutritional support tailored to you

If you have an underlying health condition that you would like to address, or just looking for support to enhance your health and well-being, this is for you. 

We will discuss in detail your health concerns and identify what imbalances may be causing your health conditions. We will find practical and achievable ways to use nutrition and lifestyle to help alleviate your symptoms and get you back to optimal health.

£10 off your first consultation

Initial consultation - £110

An initial consultation typically lasts 60-75 minutes. Prior to your consultation I will request you complete a detailed health questionnaire and food diary which will allow me to get a good understanding of your current state of health and health history. During your session we will have an in-depth review and analysis of your nutritional and lifestyle habits and discuss your main health concerns and goals. In some cases, I may recommend further testing to support my analysis.

You will receive:

  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Supplement recommendations if necessary

  • NHS and functional test recommendations if necessary

Follow-up consultations - £80

Follow up consultations last around 45 minutes. We will assess your progress and discuss any concerns you may have. Any laboratory tests will be reviewed if necessary.

You will receive:

  • A revised diet and lifestyle plan

  • Additional supplement recommendations if necessary

  • Review of any test results is necessary

Everybody has different requirements depending on the complexity of their health condition and concerns. I usually advise a minimum of 2 follow-ups, four weeks apart. This will allow enough time to review your progress and make the necessary changes to your plan to keep you on track to achieving your health goals.


Package 1 - £250

1 Initial and 2 follow-up consultations - working together over a 2 month period

Everything included as above (initial consultation)

In addition:

  • 2 update progress calls or face to face catch-ups

  • Recipes and meal ideas

  • Relevant handouts to your health concerns

  • Messaging support between consultations

Package 2 - £310

1 Initial and 3 follow-up consultations - working together over a 3 month period

Everything included as above

Package 3 - £350

1 Initial and 4 follow-up consultations - working together over a 4 month period

Everything included as above

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