Nutrition For Healthy Food Relationships

Do you find yourself obsessing about food, or feel guilty eating certain foods? Do you fear food or just eat whatever you want and not really care about your weight or your health? All of this comes down to your relationship with food.

Food is often the centre of many occasions - when socialising, celebrating and entertaining. Eating should be pleasurable as well as nourishing and a healthy relationship with food is important for good quality of life.

Unfortunately more of us are developing a bad relationship with food.  Striving for ‘healthy’ ideals can create disordered thoughts and behaviors around food leading to rigidity and chaos and loss of vitality and spontaneity.

 A dysfunctional relationship with food can also arise when food is used as a coping mechanism. You may find that you use food when you are stressed, sad, tired, bored, or anxious to fill an emotional void.

 How can nutritional therapy help?

Forming and re-building a healthy relationship with food takes conscious effort, but it is possible. This includes relaxed eating and practicing balance and flexibility in your eating to allow you to nourish and nurture your body.

These principles and as well as nutrition advice will let you feel more at ease with food, and help you to recognise and stop unhealthy habits. You deserve to be able to enjoy food, eat well and feel healthy without guilt, worry, stress or pain.

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